Your wedding website should reflect the both of you, because there’s no love story quite like yours

This is why I design each 303 Creative wedding website from scratch


I’m Lorie Smith, the owner and designer behind 303 Creative. I have been creating custom graphics and websites for over a decade. My passion for weddings began when I planned my own wedding, which was, and still is, one of the greatest moments of my life. I hope you will look back at this time and say the same. Marriage is more than a wedding date on a calendar; it’s a declaration before family and friends of a lifelong partnership between a bride and groom, which mirrors God’s love for those who love Him.

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.
Genesis 2:24

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To honor and celebrate what God has orchestrated in your lives through marriage, it’s important that you partner with those who are committed to helping you meet your wedding day goals. If we are a good match, you can rest assured I will design a unique, one-of-a-kind website celebrating your marriage and telling your special love story.

Things to consider in your search:

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Choose a designer who wants to get to know you

Your website designer should understand your vision, goals, and wishes to bring your story to life. As an artist, I create my best designs when I’m most familiar with the people for whom I’m creating. So before I begin designing a wedding website, I meet with the betrothed couple to get to know them better. Establishing this relationship allows my creativity to flourish as I begin to appreciate your unique love story and sketch out how to convey that story.

Choose a designer who enjoys collaborating

My goal is to collaborate with you to create a wedding website that reflects your unique relationship. I want you to love the story the website will tell about you to your family and friends. After all, the website will likely be one of the primary sources where your wedding guests can read about how you met, see photos of you together, learn more about your story, share joy about the upcoming wedding, and get other details. I believe God’s design for marriage is incredibly special, so know that I will pour my heart into designing your wedding website.

Choose an experienced designer

Graphic design and technical experience matters when custom-creating a website. I’ve had the privilege of designing in both the private and public sectors, and, since launching 303 Creative in 2012, I have created over 250 custom websites.

With your wedding website, I’ll combine my lifelong passion for art with more than a decade of hands-on experience to create a website that looks beautiful and functions smoothly.

I am a Christian—a believer of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The same deeply rooted convictions that motivate me to create messages for everyone also prevents me from designing messages that promote and celebrate ideas that violate my beliefs. As a result, I cannot design for same-sex weddings or any other wedding that contradicts God's design for marriage. Creating such messages would compromise my conscience and my Christian witness and tell a story about marriage that contradicts God’s story of marriage—the very story He is calling me to promote. I'm not the best fit for every wedding, but the good news is that there are many talented graphic and website designers who would be.

wedding website package

I offer a custom website package for couples who are looking for a unique website celebrating their special day in an artistic way


Every custom wedding website includes:

A Design Consultation

We will begin with an initial design consultation to discuss my design process and your vision, goals, and ideas.

Custom-Designed with You in Mind

With the design consultation as my inspiration,  I will create a custom wedding website that features your wedding theme or palette, incorporates details about you that I believe are important, and tells your story through artistically crafted pages.

Your website will be secured with the additional security measures of a SSL certificate.

Need to request updates or changes? No problem! I’m more than happy to consider any suggestions. As an artist, I will always consider how the change affects the overall themes, tone, and message of the wedding website before deciding whether or not to modify content.

Your Love Story

To accompany the story of how you met and decided to come together as husband and wife, I will create a visual narrative with pictures of you so that your guests can learn more about you, individually and as a couple!

Wedding Day Details

I will design a page that clearly communicates all the important details of your special day – from the rehearsal dinner, to the ceremony, reception, and beyond!

Optional add-ons include:

Inquire about add-on options, including a separate and more exhaustive photo gallery showcasing your journey, details about your wedding party, a page to provide your guests with details about where you are registered, a custom website and email address, a calendar of events, event QR code, guest RSVP, and more!

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WOW your guests with cohesive wedding digital and print custom artwork.

Save the Dates


Place Cards

Guest Book Artwork

Thank You Cards

& More!